Bid4Spots hosts weekly online auctions of radio spots available the following broadcast week.

It’s fast, easy and both the buyers and sellers win!

Bid4Spots allows advertisers and radio stations to take part in reverse auctions. Advertisers can now gain affordable direct response radio advertising rates by buying last-minute spots at discounted rates and, at the same time, radio stations can increase their revenue by selling leftover inventory.
Access cost-effective radio airtime from stations nationwide
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Increase revenue by selling last-minute inventory
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The online radio world has been waiting for someone to come along and tie it together neatly, making all stations easily accessible. Bid4Spots has succeeded with its online radio ad auction.

Bid4Spots has the slickest system going. It gives us the opportunity to maximize our inventory and revenue. Everyone should participate!

Jim Withers
KSIX AM Corpus Christi

Bid4Spots is certainly fulfilling our needs at RainMakers International when it comes to local
radio. We are able to secure inventory at fantastic discounts on strong stations within premium
day parts. More…

Mike Boggs
National Media Director, RainMakers International

Love Bid4spots! What a great way to sell unused inventory! You make it easy – really appreciate having the spots available for audition prior to bidding!

Larry Eschenbacher
KQKE-AM San Francisco
I like the user friendly format Bid4spots offers for stations to post their last minute unsold inventory. The process to sell last minute inventory is quick and simple. More…

Angie Martin
WGN-AM Chicago