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Auction Timeline
Bid4Spots is a reverse auction where broadcasters are the sellers and advertisers are the
buyers. Broadcasters compete for the advertiser’s budget and the lowest price (CPM) wins.
Advertisers create the auction
Auctions are created by Wednesday at Noon (PT) for spots to air the following broadcast week
- Advertisers specify the buy criteria:
- Listener age and gender (Demographics)
- Market and format/network
- Day and daypart selections
- Budget
- Maximum allowable CPM (Cost per Thousand listeners/households)
- Advertisers upload their spot
- Advertisers post funds to Bid4Spots
Broadcasters bid
- Broadcasters receive an email notification when an advertiser selects their market and format/network
- Bidding takes place on Thursdays from 8 AM – Noon (PT)
Spots run
Winning spots run the following broadcast week
Affidavits issued - Payment sent
- Broadcasters issue affidavits certifying that spots have run
- Bid4Spots verifies affidavits for compliance
- Once affidavits are verified, payment is sent to the broadcasters
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